Talons LLC

Cisco Clibourne is a Master Falconer who successfully uses his trained falcons and hawks to provide professional bird abatement, entertainment, and educational services.  


Services we provide 


Education and Entertainment

At Talons we offer a variety of hands-on educational and entertaining demonstrations. Through our interactive displays, demonstrations, and supervised live contact with our birds of prey, children and adults will have the rare opportunity to experience these magnificent hawks and falcons up close and personal. 

 Our team can fly practically anywhere providing it poses as no danger to our birds. We typically prefer to fly in large outdoor areas (parks/hiking areas) but can deliver a performance indoors as well such as gymnasiums. Along with the first class flight demonstrations we can provide photo and media opportunities as well.  We cater to State parks, County parks, vineyards, birthday parties, private parties, group parties, hiking groups, school assemblies, and corporate gatherings. Our experience in these fields is extensive and our birds are all trained and well adapted to crowded gatherings and loud events.



 Pest Management

 We use ecologically sound and sustainable pest control using trained highly motivated raptors. This has proven time and time again to be the most natural and effective way to solve your nuisance bird population issues.  We also offer falconry based abatement techniques for various local crops and vineyards. Prior to and during harvest, we make daily flights of falcons or hawks over crops to haze and chase pest birds like sparrows, robins, finches, and the crop eradicating starlings.



Bird Abatement

Of all of our local and year round resident birds, they are always the same repeat offenders that cause the problems. We have dealt with them all and have a great deal of experience in our visiting migratory birds as well. Seagulls, though abundant, provide us with many challenges. Our team of Harris Hawks solve this issue by posing an instinctive fear that drives them away. Falcons and Hawks are introduced to an abatement site once they can fly freely without danger – once in free flight they begin to haze and scare pest birds into abandoning their established areas, nests, and roosts.  This method has been proven to be the safest and most effective method

My Peregrine Falcon scaring and hazing all birds in sight


Consulting Services

 We also offer a wide variety of consulting options for your business. Our staff can survey your surroundings and propose changes that make a habitat (your business) less attractive to pest species and discourage feeding, roosting and/or nesting.





Independently Owned and Operated business. We are Federally Licensed under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Licensed, Bonded and Insured by the State of California.