Pancho was found!

For the last Hawk Watch of the year Pancho had a different agenda.  As the crowd gathered anticipating Pancho's famous lure stooping presentation no one expected that the resident hawks above were the real ones in charge.  Today the lesson is Falconry is not always polished and this is reality.  These local Red Tailed hawks weren't going to let a popular falcon steal all the action below.  As they swooped down on Pancho the crowd became worried and still.  Pancho did what he was supposed to do though.  He got the hell out of their air space and caught a thermal.  Soon he was just a speck in the sky way off to the south.  The good news is Cisco tracked him down about 20 minutes later with his fancy Marshall telemetry. The bad news is some of the viewers left very distraught as they did not know the outcome of Pancho.  Cisco attempted to calm the crowd by reminding them that this is common in Falconry and he would be right back.  He did in fact come right back with Pancho on his fist.  My hopes are that everyone who attended the Hawk watch and left not knowing were told the good news of his return.  Until next year! Thank you Ryan Rubino for capturing the adventure!

Pancho the Hitchhiker Falcon

Marie Kubin was trying to snap a photo of a rainbow Monday during a drive from Julian to Borrego Springs in San Diego County. As they drove slowly on the side of the road to capture the colorful sight on the horizon, something else swooped into view -- a falcon landed on the car's windshield.  

This is our very own Pancho.  Cisco was testing his flying ability in a new area and temporarily lost sight of him for 20 minutes.  This happened meanwhile. Pancho was recovered and we discovered he was on the news tonight. 

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Cisco's follow up story interview by NBC Los Angeles