Colleen Bradley

VMF Executive Director

Of course, the striking raptors shared with us by Cisco and Kirsten Clibourne were the big draw. The Clibourne's (somewhat) new enterprise is Talons Bird Abatement and Entertainment, and not only did they entertain, but they informed and inspired!

Cisco, the Master Falconer, is charismatic and truly passionate about his feathered partners, which included, Pancho, the "Hitchhiker Falcon", two Harris' hawks (Julian and J.J.) and a not-yet-named 30-day old saker-gyrfalcon hybrid who's wobbly, downy fluffiness belied the splendor of her adult counterparts that she will one day grow to match. Cisco's background in education also made him a natural for engaging everyone with these birds.

We learned that falconry has seasons--roughly six months on and six months off--with the cooler late fall to early spring being the prime time for falconry. Being that it's the 'off-season' right now, we mostly experienced these incredible creatures up close, which was just fine with all of us! After a short flight demonstration, any guests that wanted to were invited to have the birds perched on their gloved hands. What a thrill to look these majestic creatures so closely in the eye.

They seemed right at home on Volcan Mountain. And no wonder…other wild raptors, like bald and golden eagles, also find Volcan's forests and lofty peaks to be choice breeding habitat. Seeing Pancho and friends take flight around the crest of Volcan's pristine wildlands, was a tangible reminder of the important mission that YOU are an essential part of.

Thanks for Keeping it Wild!                                                                                

Colleen Bradley

VMF Executive Director


Carl David Laster

Talons a Bird Abatement/Entertainment/Educational Raptor service5 star

Amazing, This is a Great, Natural, Humane way to control many pesky birds near your Orchards and Vineyards as well as Seagulls and Pigeons around the Pool and Outdoor Dining. A fantastic service as well as entertaining guests too.



Scot Copeland

Principal, Julian Elementary School

Our school has had the opportunity to learn from Cisco Clibourne and his birds on two occasions at Julian Elementary. Students were captivated. When his falcon, Pancho, flew we saw birds all around take notice too. This new addition to the ecosystem temporarily triggered a cacophony of bird sounds. Other nearby raptors took notice, and our eyes were drawn to a new sky. Pancho repeatedly swept right over our heads in dramatic swoops as Cisco spun his lure. Once the flight was complete we got to watch just how deftly a peregrine can devour a meal.

Cisco is an enthusiastic and engaging personality. He loves to share his knowledge and passion, and he has a background in education. Cisco’s experience with students with special needs creates an inclusive atmosphere, and he requested visiting certain classrooms so all students could get up close. Thank you, and keep sharing your skill and raptors!





Nicki Glade

He is a falconer and will do special shows and demonstrations as well as a very interesting and thorough abatement service. I never knew this existed. He's great we've had many wonderful family gatherings with Cisco and his Pancho and other birds entertaining us. It's absolutely fascinating. Cisco is a great teacher




Mrs. Croman's reading group




Obie Clibourne

I've worked with Cisco and his birds on multiple occasions.  His passion and extensive knowledge for these birds coupled with his friendliness and outgoing personality creates an unforgettable experience.  It's very rare that you are able to get so up close and personal with these beautiful birds and Cisco gives you the opportunity to take it a step further and actually handle them.