Our Hawks and Falcons


Pancho is our 10 year old Peregrine falcon. Peregrine Falcons are rated #1 as the fastest animal in the animal kingdom. Although Pancho due to the nature of his performance cannot achieve his top speed, respectfully, they are known to top 250mph. Pancho is known for his incredible loyalty and bond with Cisco. He is a seasoned duck hunter and famous for his spectacular free flying lure demonstrations.

Meet our Harris Hawk twins.  What makes Julian and J.J. unique is their ability to cooperatively fly together for better success.  These two hawks will confidently free fly and return to the chosen participator. Harris hawks have become one of the most popular falconry birds due to their size, intelligence, and temperament. They have become increasingly popular in bird abatement due to their effectiveness to work together and their ability to effectively scare away nuisance birds from crops, airport runways, landfills, golf courses, resorts, restaurants, and vineyards.

Rubino Harris's Hawks Julian and J.J. 20170917 Talons LLC Vineyard Grant James 384.jpg

Shirley is a young female Gyr - Saker falcon. She is a large and powerful hybrid that is extremely adaptable in hunting, bird abatement, and free flying. She has a beautiful dark colorful morph, which makes her a rare  and unique beauty. She wows a crowd by her amazing flight to the drone demonstration.


Billy is a young male Prairie - Gyr hybrid falcon. He was breed for great success in hunting, free flying, and bird abatement. They are known for the hardest hitting falcons in a hunt and their vigorous behavior. He as well wows a crowd by his amazing flight to the drone demonstration.


Bell is a female North American Kestrel.  They are the smallest and most colorful falcons in North America.  With her long slender wings she packs a predator's fierce intensity into a small body. Bell has some amazingly colorful markings and a kind temperament.


Nala is a female Peale's Peregrine falcon. Peale's is a subspecies of the peregrine falcon.  These species are the largest sub species of natural peregrine falcons in the world. They are found in the Aleutian Islands.  These large robust birds fly out to sea to hunt up to 50 miles from land, rather than inland toward the interior. She is an magnificent hunter with amazing stealth and speed.


Kauai is a Gyr x Peregrine falcon hybrid.  He is a very powerful falcon and is extremely spectacular and very fast. He is a first-year chamber raised falcon, which means he was raised by his parents.  Gyr x Peregrines are the largest hybrid falcons in the world.  Kauai will be a fierce hunter because of his speed and size, but have the sweet behavior of the peregrine.  This bird has traditionally been one of the most prized birds for falconry.


What makes these birds and the sport of Falconry so fascinating is hard to capture in mere words. It starts with an appreciation and acceptance of the circle of life. Add to this extreme patience, and a serious respect for an ancient sport/art/practice that has been dated back to 4,000 BC then one can only begin to gain a grasp. Passion bordered on the cusp of obsession makes up for the bulk of this life style. Understand that from its very beginning man has been reminded that these magnificent creatures can never be domesticated but have proven to be hunting partners. Falconry birds have a free will when released to be free and can fly away at anytime without warning but with a great deal of skill you gain their trust and provide a world which gives them an upper hand than their wild cousins. Make no mistake, there is a reason so few will ever have the gift of training and cooperatively hunting with one but we will give you a real life snap shot of this world.