Andres (Cisco) Clibourne

My Story

My story begins as uniquely as the very business I own and operate. Hawaii is the only state where falconry is illegal to practice. It so happens, Hawaii is my birthplace where my initial interest in Raptors began at age four. I became introduced to falconry at age 16 while visiting relatives in San Marcos, Ca. and met an employee from The Wild Animal Park that showed me the amount of time, effort and dedication this lifestyle required. At age 21, I earned my official State and Federal Falconry License.  Now at age 41, I am an experienced Master Falconer. The experiences and diversity of birds I’ve flown, have given me a wide range of disciplines and confidence to run my own falconry business with my wife (Kirsten) and partner of 14yr. Having worked for many of the leading companies in this field, I have combined all the professional techniques and experiences to offer a one of a kind effective and affordable solution.

I also have a background in education. My extensive experience with children of all ages and diversities have given me the skills to captivate and engage just about any child. I allow all participants the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with my birds to experience falconry first hand. 


My wife Kirsten, daughter Lily (future falconer), and boys Talon and Jonah